MAGI Poker Ride

Next Poker Ride Date: Saturday, May 14, 2022

Thank you very much to the 164 riders for supporting the Massillon Area Greenways Inc and the Stark County Bicycle Club on the 2021 Poker Ride.

Here's the list of winners with the best card hands:

1st: Thom Spellman, ace-high flush

2nd: Dave Carderella, queen-high straight

3rd: Sally Griffiths, 8-high straight

4th: Stephany Rose, 7-high straight

5th: Howard Berlas, 6-high straight

6th: Jayden Wilson, three aces

7th: James Rowland, three tens, nine high

8th: Jeff Jones, three tens, four high

9th: Drew Maglio, three nines, ace high

10th: Rich Grella, three nines, king high


Thank you to everyone for every hand!  Please consider more hands for a better chance to be in the top 10.

All proceeds go for a great cause.

See you at the next Poker Ride on Saturday, May 14, 2022!